12 Dec 2017

SDN Essentials brings huge change to SDN/NFV eLearning!

SDN Essentials (SDNE) is pleased to announce the release of a new Learning Management System (LMS) and Community Forums designed for Software Defined Networking (SDN) and Network Function Virtualization (NFV) Skills Transformation! This online eLearning community for SDN/NFV will provide learners with connection to SDN/NFV Industry experts and other users, learners, and instructors. You will … Continue reading “SDN Essentials brings huge change to SDN/NFV eLearning!”

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6 Dec 2017

The Future of NFV

  I am very excited that our company, SDN Essentials has joined the New IP agency. As a services only company we hope to provide benefits to the testing and interrogability goals of the New IP Agency. As a services only company it has given us a very unique slice into the world of virtual … Continue reading “The Future of NFV”

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17 Jun 2017
19 Apr 2017
3 Feb 2017

Education in review – 2016

SDN Essentials has always prided itself of being a place where people can go to for educating themselves in all things networking and SDN related. Having started operations in 2014, we rapidly cemented that vision. By working with many of the vendors that offer SDN solutions, as well as standards organizations, we positioned ourselves to … Continue reading “Education in review – 2016”

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13 Nov 2016

BGP as a Service (BGPaaS) Feature in Contrail Cloud 3.0

BGPaaS Overview: Juniper has provided a new feature to use BGP as a service in Contrail Cloud 3.0 as referred on Juniper-Techpubs-BGPaaS: https://www.juniper.net/techpubs/en_US/contrail3.0/topics/concept/bgp-as-a-service-overview.html   With this feature if a VNF VM have a capability to support BGP then it can do BGP peering with vRouter-agent/controller and can advertise routes into the VRF instance.   When … Continue reading “BGP as a Service (BGPaaS) Feature in Contrail Cloud 3.0”

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22 Sep 2016

SDN Essentials’ Doug Marschke Interview: The SDN Revolution

Doug Marschke is an engineering graduate from the University of Michigan and founder of SDN Essentials. He has also authored several books including “SDN: Anatomy of OpenFlow, JUNOS Enterprise Routing” and “JUNOS Enterprise Switching.” Doug currently spends his time working with both service providers and enterprises to optimize their IP networks for better performance, cost … Continue reading “SDN Essentials’ Doug Marschke Interview: The SDN Revolution”

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15 Sep 2016

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