Design & Planning

The most overlooked but important stage when adding a new vendors, or system is the design and planning stage. We work with your team to recommend best practices and create specific design plans. These design services include:

  • Network Architecture
  • Security Design
  • Design Review and Verification
  • Migration Planning
  • Test Planning
  • Integration Planning

Integration and Migrations

From simple cutovers to major network migrations, conversions and implementations, we can plan and execute the entire strategy. We identify the goals, define the process, schedules and then proceed to implementation. Some of the migration services include

  • Firewall Policy conversion
  • Routing Policy conversion
  • Router Turn-up and Configuration
  • Switch Turn-up and Configuration
  • Firewall Turn-up and Configuration
  • Load Balancer Turn-up and Configuration
  • Protocol and Service Migration

Automation and Clouds

As you build your own private or hybrid cloud, or utilize public cloud offerings, you must create a network that automates and reacts to events in your network. Our consultants will build this automation utilizing existing platforms or building a custom platform. Automaton options include:

  • Automated Policy and ACL configuration and checking
  • Event Driven Scripts
  • Puppet and Chef recipes
  • Restful API interaction
  • Management Platform Development
  • SDN Application Development

Network Optimization

Our engineers are also concerned with the health and reliability of your network. We work with your team to identify congestion and other pain points in your network, and then look to correct them in the following areas:

  • Network Assessment
  • Routing Policy Optimization
  • Class of Service/QoS Design
  • BGP Peering Analysis
  • MPLS Implementations
  • New Feature Rollout
  • New Technology Networking
  • Product Refresh

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