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As Big Switch solidifies its market position as a leading SDN solutions vendor, it becomes fundamental for customers and anyone interested in the Big Switch solutions to be able to ramp up and familiarize themselves with the BSN products. SDN Essentials is proud to provide training on the Big Cloud Fabric offering.
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Course Outline


Module 1: Introduction

  • Course outline
  • Company introduction
  • Attendee introductions
  • Logistics

Module 2: SDN Overview and Introduction to BCF

  • SDN overview
  • Hyperscale networking overview
  • Introduction to Big Cloud Fabric (BCF)
  • OpenStack integration overview

Lab 1: BSN Lab access

Module 3: Configuring BCF

  • Overview of configuration options
  • CLI
  • GUI
  • Configuring management and security
  • File management
  • SNMP
  • Logging/Syslog

Lab 2: Initial BCF configuration

Lab 3: REST APIs and OpenStack integrations (Optional)


  • Zero Touch Networking (ZTN)
  • Managing controllers and clusters
  • Configuring and managing fabric switches

Lab 4: Controller, switch roles and port-groups

  • Tenants, segments and logical routers
  • Policy
  • Quality of Service

Lab 5: Configuring tenants, segments, logical routers and policy

Module 4: Operating BCF

  • Upgrading BCF
  • High availability
  • Logging, monitoring and troubleshooting


Lab 6 – Troubleshooting BCF

Module 5: Deployment and Ops

Lab 7: Controller and switch deployment

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