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Introduction to Big Monitoring Fabric (BMF) Training

Introduction to Big Monitoring Fabric is a 2-day training class designed to make students proficient with industry’s only production grade, SDN based, monitoring fabric running on open Ethernet switches. The course begins with a quick overview of the current network monitoring landscape and the advantages of using Open vendor SDN enabled monitoring fabric. Students will cover the process of bringing Big Monitoring Fabric online (SDN controller and open Ethernet switches) and learn to configure both types of deployments: Out-of-Band and Inline. With a strong focus on labs (at least 50% of the time is dedicated to lab activities) using virtual environments and real hardware, students get extensive hands-on experience in working with BMF.




Upon completing this course, students should be able to:
• Discuss monitoring environments and eco-systems
• Understand BMF components and terminology and work within its GUI, CLI, or REST environments
• Build automation tools using REST APIs (scripting knowledge required)
• Bring up a new installation of BMF using appliance or VM based SDN controllers
• Build fabric using a variety of supported open Ethernet switches
• Configure out-of-band policies in a multitenant context
• Configure Inline services and chains for DMZ / Extranet networks
• Understand the packet flow and packet processing paths within BMF
• Upgrade a BMF deployment

Course Outline

Day 1
Module 1: Big Monitoring Fabric Overview
• Evolution of Network Monitoring
• Big Monitoring Fabric Out-of-Band
• Big Monitoring Fabric Inline
• Access and Configuration
Lab 1: Big Monitoring Fabric Environment Hands On

Module 2: Big Monitoring Fabric Bring Up
• Fabric Components
• Controller Bring Up
• Switch Bring Up
• Fabric Bring Up
Lab 2: Bring up Controllers, Switches, and Fabric

Module 3: Big Monitoring Fabric Out-of-Band Configurations
• Interface Types
• Policies

Day 2
Module 3: Big Monitoring Fabric Out-of-Band Configurations (continued)
• Tunnels
• Packet Capture
• Trackers (Host/DHCP/DNS/ICMP/…)
• Aggregation Groups
• VLAN Rewrite/Push/Strip Options
• Deep Packet Matching
Lab 3: Configure BMF Out-of-Band Policies

Module 4: Big Monitoring Fabric Inline Configurations
• Services
• Health Checks
• Chains
• Symmetrical / Asymmetrical services
• High Availability
Lab 4: Configure BMF Inline Services and Chains

Module 5: Big Monitoring Fabric Operations
• Upgrading BMF
• Failure Conditions
• Monitoring and Troubleshooting
Lab 5: BMF Troubleshooting

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