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This two-day course will provide you with an overview of MEF’s Software-Driven Network Vision and the important technologies that contribute towards this vision. It also assists in preparing for the MEF Network Foundations Professional Certification Exam that validates concept-level understanding of key Network terms, processes, and elements.

A transformation in data communications networks accelerates network operators’ abilities to deliver self-service, on-demand services over interconnected, multi-operator networks. The MEF’s Software-Driven Network Vision embodies this transformation by combining the on-demand agility and ubiquity of the Internet with the performance and security assurances of Carrier Ethernet Services.

Based on Network as a Service (NaaS) principles, the goal is to enable agile networks that deliver assured connectivity services orchestrated across network domains between physical or virtual service endpoints.


Class Description Outline:


Day 1

Module 1: SDN

  • Define SDN
  • SDN Charateristics
  • Comparisons
  • SDN Technologies
  • SDN Benefits
  • SDN Challenges
  • SDN Scenarios
  • Summary

Module 2: NFV

  • Define NFV
  • NFV Characteristics
  • Comparisons
  • NFV Technologies
  • NFV Benefits
  • NFV Challenges
  • NFV Scenarios
  • Review/Activity/Quiz
Module 3: LSO/Orchestration
  • Define LSO/Orchestration
  • LSO/Orchestration Characteristics
  • LSO/orchestration Technologies
  • LSO/Orchestration Benefits
  • LSO/Orchestration Challenges
  • LSO/Orchestration Scenarios
  • Review/Activity/Quiz


Day 2

Module 4: Carrier-based connectivity services (L1, L2, L3)

  • Define Carrier-based Connectivity Services
  • Buying and Selling Carrier-based Connectivity Services
  • Comparisons
  • Carrier-based connectivity Services Benefits
  • Carrier-based connectivity Services Challenges
  • Carrier-based connectivity Services Scenarios
  • Review/Activity/Quiz


Module 5: The MEF Software-Driven Network Foundations Vision

  • Define Network Foundations
  • Network Foundations Technologies
  • Network Foundations Benefits
  • Network Foundations Challenges
  • Network Foundations Scenarios
  • Review/Activity/Quiz


Module 6: Resources

  • List of Terms
  • Glossary
  • Practice Questions


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