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As Big Switch solidifies its market position as a leading SDN solutions vendor, it becomes fundamental for customers and anyone interested in the Big Switch solutions to be able to ramp up and familiarize themselves with the BSN products. SDN Essentials is proud to provide training on the Big Cloud Fabric offering.
For more details, please contact us at:

Big Switch Networks Partners Training

Big Cloud Fabric (BCF) and Big Monitoring Fabric (BMF) Training

NOTE: Laptop required with the following applications:

  • SSH client (For example Secure CRT, PuTTY)
  • For Windows 10 users, preferred browser is Firefox
  • For all others users preferred browser is Chrome

Cancellation Policy:

Students should submit cancellation requests to  Requests received within 21 days of the start date will be refunded with no penalty.  Requests made after 21 days will be charged a 50% penalty and only be refunded 50% of the enrollment fee. We make every effort to guarantee a class to run.  Students will receive a notification regarding the status of their class within 18 days of the start date.  If we are unable to run the class, students will receive a full refund.
International Dates:
If you are interested in attending one of the international events, please contact your Big Switch Networks representative for additional details.
March 6 - 8 Barcelona, Spain
May 15 - 17 Paris, France
September 18 - 20 Sydney, Australia


Course Outline

  • Module 1: Introduction to Big Cloud Fabric (BCF)
  • Module 2: BCF / BMF Access and Configuration
  • Module 3: BCF Logical Topology
  • Module 4: BCF Additional Configurations
  • Module 5: BCF Troubleshooting Capabilities & Packet Flow
  • Module 6: BCF Integration w/vCenter& OpenStack
  • Module 7: Introduction to Big Monitoring Fabric (BMF) OOB
  • Module 8: BMF OOB Policy Configurations
  • Module 9: BMF OOB Additional Configurations
  • Module 10: BMF OOB Analytics
  • Module 11: Introduction to Big Monitoring Fabric Inline
  • Module 12: BMF Inline Configurations
  • Module 13: BCF / BMF Bring-up
  • Certification Test

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