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NEC – SDN ProgrammableFlow Training for Engineers


NEC and SDN Essentials are happy to offer a new NEC class that covers not only NEC’s ProgrammableFlow Controller, but also allows participants to prepare for and attempt the ONF’s Certified SDN Associate (OCSA) certification, as well as NEC’s own certification. This class is two days in duration and has extensive hands-on components. Please find the outline for the content below as well as our next scheduled dates.

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Day 1

Module 0 – Introduction

Module 1 – OCSA certification

Lab 1 Part 1 and 2

Module 2 – Definitions and Standards

  • Problems in networking (that SDN can help solve)
  • Making the case for SDN
  • SDN flavors

Module 3 – OpenFlow

  • What is OpenFlow?
  • How does OpenFlow work?
  • What is of-config?
  • OpenFlow Flow Processing
  • Friends of SDN
  • SDN definers

Lab 1 Part 3

Module 4 – Use Cases

SDN Environments

  • Data center
  • Campus networks
  • WAN
  • Transport networks

NEC Case Studies

Module 5 – Migration Strategies

  • Migration framework
  • Migration approaches
  • Devices and deployments
  • Initial considerations
  • Implications

Module 6 – Security, the ONF and Controller placement

  • Security and availability
  • Who is the ONF and what do they do
  • Controller placement and redundancy

Module 7 – SDN Open Source

  • Overview
  • Open source controllers
  • OpenFlow agents
  • Other open source initiatives

Module 8 – OCSA Exam Review

  • Domain 1: Networking Concepts (15%)
  • Domain 2: SDN Concepts (25%)
  • Domain 3: OpenFlow (25%)
  • Domain 4: SDN Architecture and Ecosystem (25%)
  • Domain 5: Open Source SDN (10%)

Day 2:

Module 9: VTNs (Virtual Tenant Networks)

  • Recap of current networking challenges
  • Addressing networking challenges with ProgrammableFlow
  • NEC Virtual Tenant Network introduction
  • VTN components
  • Basic VTN packet flow
  • Quiz

Lab 2

Module 10: ProgrammableFlow and VTN Configuration

  • Operating ProgrammableFlow using CLI and WebGUI
  • Different Modes of the ProgrammableFlow controller
  • Mapping hosts into VTN’s
  • Creating and implementing VTN’s
  • Creating a layer-2 VTN
  • Troubleshooting VTN
  • Quiz

Lab 3

Module 11: Advanced ProgrammableFlow and VTN Configuration

  • What is a vRouter and creating a L3 VTN Real-Network
  • Introduction to L2 – L4 security in ProgrammableFlow
  • Overview of service chaining
  • Service chaining demo
  • Quiz

Lab 4

Module 12: PFC HA and Operation

  • Overview of controller high availability
  • Controller high availability demo
  • PFC configuration management
  • Quiz

Module 13: NEC Programmable Flow SDN Exam Review


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