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This 1-day course covering Juniper Network’s security platform. This course has a primary objective of giving students hands-on experience setting up an SDSN and demonstrating the power of automation in security.  The course is instructor led with a focus on letting students become more familiar with Juniper’s SDSN solution.  The course consists of 25% labs and 75% instructor led presentation, questions, and audience participation.


Module 1 – Introduction

Module 2 – Threat Overview
• Malware IT
• Ransomware
• Polymorphic
• Advanced Persistent Threat (APT)
• Cyber Kill Chains
• The Seven Steps

Module 3 – SDSN Overview
• Sophisticated Threat Detection
• Centralized Policy and Analytics
• Enforcement Everywhere

Module 4 – SDSN with Third Party Integration
• Devices
• Feed Integration

Module 5 – Sky ATP
• Setup
• Implementation

Module 6 - SDSN Installation and Configuration
• Installing Policy Enforcer
• Basic Configuration
• Policy Enforcement Groups

DEMO – SDSN in Action

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