3 Feb 2017

Education in review – 2016

SDN Essentials has always prided itself of being a place where people can go to for educating themselves in all things networking and SDN related. Having started operations in 2014, we rapidly cemented that vision. By working with many of the vendors that offer SDN solutions, as well as standards organizations, we positioned ourselves to provide the industry with content that is fresh, relevant and cost effective.

One of the first classes that we created, the “SDN Foundations”, is still true to what the market is offering regarding SDN solutions and where the industry is in relation to SDN adoption. We expect this content to continue to provide participants with up-to-date information, allowing them to have informed discussions and to make the best decision for their SDN migration scenario.

The “Introduction to SDN” class was also very popular in 2016 and should continue to be in 2017 and beyond. Having been created to prepare students for the ONF’s OCSA exam, this one day event allows participants to come up to speed on the Open SDN architecture, definitions and OpenFlow.

We increased our portfolio with content that would augment student’s skills, allowing them to become aware of the different parts that make up the new network and services: OpenStack, OpenDaylight, YANG/Netconf, Python and Automation.

This allowed us to create the first program in the industry aimed at taking a legacy network engineer and help him/her become “SDN Enabled”, in other words: gaining sufficient knowledge to feel comfortable with a specific SDN solution and be able to go out into the field for deployments of that solution. Our engineers are pushing the technology forward so that our customers may reap the benefits of SDN.

Half a year later, we are happy to say that the engineers that took part in the program are still active on projects and well ahead of the curve of the SDN implementation experience.


Some of the team:

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