It is our goal to be your dedicated source for all SDN professional services.

You see it too, everyone is jumping into SDN. That’s why it’s critical you select a professional services partner that can offer expert consulting, is in-tune with the current state of networking and is not only sharing, but writing best practices and protocols.

Our SDN Essentials team has been advancing networks for a decade and training others how to do so as well. Our team expertise expands well beyond the classroom and boardroom into datacenters, think-tanks, labs and international collaboration calls. We have not only joined the SDN movement, we are leading it with educational books, classes, professional consulting and thought leadership among industry associations.

We offer our professional consulting services to value-added resellers (VARs) and their customers, direct to customers (service providers and enterprise) and to our SDN solutions partners and peers. SDN Essentials is and will remain channel and vendor neutral, so that we can stay focused on providing the highest-quality solutions and maintain our competitive advantage of SDN knowledge and expertise.

All of our customers have different needs. Let us know how we can help you.

For VARs – we can augment your current service offerings, and open up new opportunities with your customers to solve their network problems. We can create white papers and sales materials, or we can complete SDN “readiness” assessments for your end customers.

For service provider and enterprise – we can go through the whole integration process with you from education, analysis and testing to preparing your network and finally implementing your services.

For developers – we can complement your product with our development professional services.

For peers – we would gladly assist with complex projects or a demanding workload.

During an SDN/NFV consulting engagement here are some of the general offerings

  • Assistance in defining the overall business and technical objectives such as which SDN controller to choose, which Virtual Network Function to utilize (VNF)
  • Identify dependencies for use-case implementation and the current vendor products on the market
  • Develop a migration plan towards SDN/NFV
  • Develop budgetary/ROI metrics based on your migration plan
  • CapEx and/or OpEx savings derived from SDN/NFV adoption
  • ROI for offering additional services on your network

Example Offerings

  • Architectural and operational design for managing multi-tenant data center with virtualized applications and components from multiple vendors.
  • SDN Readiness Assessments and Prep Installations (Layers 2 & 3)
  • Disaster recovery, high availability and backup solutions for virtualized applications running in multiple data centers.
  • Implementation and Migration Services
  • Automated processes for tenant creation and network configuration within data center.
  • Use-case development and Proof-of-Concept implementation using multiple vendor and technologies.
  • Openstack with Neutron Deployments
  • Developed SDN/NFV use cases and concepts applicable to Tier 1 Provider environment.
  • Created presentations and whitepapers to increase knowledge about SDN/NFV.
  • Created SDN/NFV POC lab and validated SDN/NFV use cases and functions provided by multiple vendors and technologies including:
    • Cisco, Juniper, Brocade, BigSwitch, HP, Plumgrid, Pluribus, Midokura, F5, Pica8, Cumulus Networks, Open Source etc.
    • OpenFlow, OpenStack, Contrail, Yang, Netconf, OVSDB, OpFlex, XMPP
  • Integration and orchestration of several virtual functions using different SDN controllers

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