There is a revolution happening in the networking industry, and it’s happening fast.

SDN and NFV are transforming the way we think about networks and the services they can offer. As companies embrace these software-centric networking strategies, the need for a major skills transformation in the current workforce is clear.

This revolution is not only about gaining new certifications. It’s about:

  • Learning how networking and networking services are evolving
  • Overcoming current networking and service pains
  • Obtaining the necessary skills to stay relevant in this new environment

It’s also about maintaining your company’s competitive edge.

SDN/NFV Skills Transformation Program

To meet these challenges, SDN Essentials has developed its SDN/NFV Skills Transformation Program (SST Program).

The SST Program covers an intensive range of topics that will transform your team’s skills. Through a combination of lecture, lab work, and hands-on experience, your team will learn all the concepts, skills, and software necessary to make the leap into the future of networking:

  • SDN / NFV
  • Automation (Ansible)
  • Orchestration
  • Cloud
  • Security
  • SD-WAN
  • MEF-NF
  • Software Tools (Python, Yang)
  • NetOps

Throughout the training, our expert instructors will prepare you for key certifications and will assess your team to ensure they’ve retained and are able to apply program content. Following successful completion of the SST Program, your team will have the skill set necessary to begin deploying SDN/NFV solutions.

Intended Audience

The SST Program is designed for network and systems engineers, network architects and operations, IT professionals, and other members of your team who need to transform their current networking skills in order for your company to reap the benefits of SDN/NFV.


Attendees should have a basic understanding of networking and be able to identify the shortcomings of networking infrastructure.

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