17 Jun 2017

Skills transformation – why you need it!

Whether you subscribe to Gartner reports, work for an enterprise, equipment vendor, service provider, or just casually read the industry news, you may have come across a topic that affects many of us that work in the Telco/Networking industry: skills transformation. We’re not talking about studying some new protocol or feature set from a vendor and taking your vendor certs to the next level. We’re talking about learning how networking and network services are evolving and will affect your ability to stay current in this work market. We’re talking about how your company needs to take this seriously if you are to stay competitive in your business environment.

SDN/NFV- in all its forms -is transforming the way we think about networks and the services they can offer. Whatever flavor of SDN/NFV you prefer, it does not change the fact that the technological transformation is happening right now. Those that can jump on the bandwagon and put the effort in to adapt to the new reality will stay relevant. Those that don’t, well, let’s just say that time is running out.

With education services firmly in our DNA, SDN Essentials (SDNE) is ideally positioned to guide people through these challenging times. We have been in the education business for many years – most of our instructors have top vendor certifications as well as instructor proficiency qualifications. Our Professional Services (PS) arm is made up of a group of engineers that have been working with SDN/NFV, in one form or another,since the end of 2013. Since we pool the expertise from all sides of our business, we can offer the best of all worlds: unparalleled knowledge and experience, together with communication skills that facilitate discussions and make it easier to cross the chasm:

Lifecycle adoption curve

There is lot of dispersed information available from various sources (vendors, standards organizations, community based projects, etc.). The internet abounds with definitions of SDN/NFV (Go ahead. You know you want to google it). What is our added value? We turn information into knowledge and expertise that can be used in the real world. Our instructors will foster discussions that are not possible without an experienced communicator. We draw on the practical experience gained from working on several vendor solutions (as well as building our own private cloud lab environment) to provide you with real world, hands-on accounts of deployments and the challenges that had to be overcome to make those implementations successful.

SDNE engineers work together with vendors and their solutions, not only to help deploy those solutions, but to advise and guide others on which solution fits their situation best.

In light of the need for individuals and teams to truly learn the new skills necessary for the present and future of networking, SDNE has created an industry leading training program that covers the wide variety of topics needed to make this transformation. The program provides content aimed at leveling the playing field with regards to SDN definitions, NFV, Linux system administration, OpenStack, ODL/YANG/Netconf, Automation (including Ansible, Puppet and Chef), Python as applied to networking devices, App development fundamentals, SDN Security and vendor specific solution content (Juniper Contrail, Cisco ACI, NEC, Big Switch Networks and others).

We offer assessments to ensure that as much content as possible is retained by the participants and that they are comfortable in situations where that knowledge needs to be applied. Assessments can be theoretical (in the form of an online exam) and/or practical (lab exam). The training can be delivered online (instructor led) or onsite (in person). Since it can be challenging to get a whole team away from current tasks for any length of time, the training can be phased out over several months. Alternatively, if time is of the essence, training can be delivered in an intensive manner by running successive weeks back-to-back.

If acquiring new members for your team is the preferred path, SDNE can assist too. We have PS engineers that are ready to help with your project, or, we can vet, train and hire those professionals for you.

However you choose to make your transformation, be sure to reach out to us for some guidance. Our program has been met with outstanding success and not only have all participants been able to stay relevant in the job market butthe projects that they work on have allowed companies to reap the benefits of SDN/NFV.

If you want to understand why SDNE is your best partner for your skills transformation, don’t hesitate to give us shout: sales@sdnessentials.com

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