Questions about SDN?

What is SDN?

It stands for Software-Defined Network, and in essence it is pulling up control into a centralized or federated operating system or controller. It is under debate how much control moves from the legacy network elements we know today.
For a purist, the SDN model is the separation of control and forwarding, with distinct layers accessible through one or more API’s
In its simplest form, SDN Essentials defines SDN as a network architecture that allows for a centralized, programmable control plane for network operators to control and manage directly as their own network.

What’s Driving SDN?

The concerns of today’s networks: better control of the network, adaptability, lowering capex and opex are driving SDN. These are the common factors that typically push next generation technology. The difference is in the potential and realization of the broad benefits of SDN.

What Are The Benefits Of SDN?

The technology and benefits of SDN are pretty incredible in concept and execution. SDN Essentials provides a thorough and real world understanding of SDN and helps to bring quicker service offerings, additional revenue, full visibility and control into networks through SDN solutions.
Immediate Benefits Include:
Make more money off your network
Flexibility: deploy new applications, services and infrastructure to quickly meet changing business goals and objectives
Innovation: create new types of applications, services and business models that can create new revenue streams and more value
Future Opportunities
Reduce costs
CapEx: reducing the need to purchase purpose-built, ASIC-based networking hardware and supporting pay-as-you-grow models to eliminate over-provisioning
OpEX: enabling algorithm control of the network through network elements that are increasingly programmable makes it easier to design, deploy, manage and scale networks. The ability to automate provisioning and orchestration reduces overall management time

Is SDN really something new or an old story re-purposed?

While separation of control and forwarding is not a new concept, the innovation to be able to program the network to fit modern use cases certainly is.

How is SDN Essentials moving SDN technology forward?

Through thought leadership, critical-thinking, professional services, education and publishing, SDN Essentials continues to support the advancement of SDN and our customers engagement with SDN.
The SDN Essentials team is helping national and international standards bodies like Open Networking Foundation, OpenDaylight and the European Telecommunications Standards Institute craft and distribute definitions, methodology, standards, best practices, and measurements for SDN.
Through our professional service offerings, SDN Essentials provides customers with SDN education and training programs, professional consulting and managed services.

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